Saturday, May 23, 2009

Darn Kool-Aid, ruining my movie!

Think of your kitchen. The countertops. The space on the countertop where the appliances are lined up (Microwave, Toaster, Coffee Maker, Mixer, etc.) They all are so cozy and squeezed next to each other. When you clean, you wipe right under the edge of each so all crumbs are out of sight (out of mind).
Now you spill a large glass of red kool-aid onto the counter and it seeps underneath each of these items. If it were water, you would just put a towel to the edges and let the rest dry up on its own. But even after a couple seconds exposure, it will take bleach to rid your (rented) counters of the red stains.
The next hour is spent meticulously cleaning the places you didn't plan to clean until you moved out. What was supposed to be a quick drink break during your movie ends up being an entire intermission with a side of a workout.
You know that when you look back on this it will be funny someday. That day is not today.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Bike Accident

Yesterday I was in an accident while on my bike... well I would call it an accident. I was on my way home from the store on my bike. There is a hill right before my apartment going down into a turn (not huge, but all road signs say slow to 10mph). While I was slowing down a car cut me off on the turn and I had to take a sharp turn and slam my brakes sending my bike sideways. I skid probably 5 ft or so on the pavement into the gravel... The impact on my head was pretty hard, but I haven't found blood. I braced myself with my hands, which hurt when I got up. The car had drove away quickly of course.

About 2 minutes later when I got home, I couldn't even turn on the water to rinse my bloody arm. I really hurt my wrist. I think I just landed hard right on the muscle of the palm. All day yesterday I could garsp anything with my hand. My thumb was useless!

Sleeping last night was no fun at all. I didn't realize that I like to sleep on my right side, which I didn't know is invisibly bruised from head to toe.I am kinda glad you can't see the bruises... but it'd be nice to show the battle wounds you know? I hate complaining about an invisible pain... ugh- story of my life!

You can kinda see the bruise on my hand, and the scrapes on my shoulder and arm have healed quite a bit already (YAY for aloe). Mike (dh) laughed when he went to go feel the bump on my head. His words "hehe, its like you glued half an egg to your head!". My head doesn't hurt at all, except to the touch. My shoulder is throbbing mostly from the scrapes. And my wrist is quite a bit better than it was yesterday. I can hold most things. Typing is ok, writing is a little shaky, opening bottles and what not... yeah can't do that one yet.

After I started thinking about it last night, I was wearing a backpack when I fell (squished and ruined most my groceries). When I fell I rolled to my back. I am pretty sure that my backpack kept me from having to go to the ER... possibly even saved my life cause I am sure it slowed me down and maybe even cushioned my head on the landing. My bag is tore up and dirty. My groceries are squished. My wrist hurts, and there are lovely bruises along my right side, BUT I am aliveto tell the story and to thank the Lord that I am!

Here are some battle wound pics :)