Wednesday, January 2, 2013

My best is good enough.

Happy New Year friends! Did you ll make resolutions? When I started thinking of resolutions, I ended up with a huge list (as usual) and then decided I didn't want to post them because it would be more obvious and public if when I fail. After some more thought I narrowed the resolution down all together.

I will do MY best, for God, my family, and myself. As long as it's my best, it's good enough.

I've got so hung up in the past on things being done "right" or getting things perfect, and I'm through with that. All it gets you in the end is a couple great things and a ton of half done projects...not to mention the things you think about doing, but get scared away from because of perfectionism.
I'm through with allow people's thoughts and judgement of me rule my every waking emotion. I guess another way to word my resolution is "I don't care what anyone thinks about anything that I do". ...but that just sounded rude and callus, and that is not the goal at all with this.
So here I go, off to a new year, trying my best in everything I do, and simply satisfied and happy, knowing that my best is good enough.