Tuesday, March 17, 2009

8am, Time for a nap!

Reyna woke up at 3 am and was up litearally every 10 minutes after that. I rocked her and sang to her. -NOPE! I tried sleeping on the floor of her room with her cuddled next to me.- NOPE! I tried her sleeping on me on the couch (always works). -NOPE! I wouldn't have cared, that she was up but she was just screaming -crying for really no reason.

--Want a blanket? NO!

--Want the couch? NO!

--Want juice? NO!

--What do you want? BLANKET!

--...ugh... NO, NO BLANKET! (And I thought I was fickel)

After about 150 times (literally) singing through her lullabye I gave up and made her a "bed" on the living room floor, got her some fruit snacks (at 4am!?!) and turned on disney channel. I 'slept' on the couch. All was well till I got up an hour later and couldn't find my glasses ... or see enough to find them. After about 20 minutes saying "Reyna, where are my glasses?" to which she would respond "GLASSES! " and point to her eyes with a grin and giggle.... I eventually found my glasses bent into an odd shape under the kiddy table.

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