Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Spankings and Discipline

Yesterday, Reyna was throwing another one of her now normal tantrums... she is two, what can I say? She was screaming about everything under the sun. And we have decided to basically pretend she is not screaming and talk to her normally as if she is quiet. We say "Would you like some milk?, You can have the milk if you sit at the table to drink it." she belted "NOOOOooooo" And I answered calmly - "Then we will leave it on the counter, and when you would like to sit at the table you can have it."

That's the basic tantrum in our place. Yesterday during one of these, I asked her if she would like to play with her docter bag, and then I proceeded to open the bag. She ran over to me, grabbed a toy from it and threw it across the room. I slightly raised my voice but calmly replied "Reyna,you don't throw things, and you know that." She scowled at me, picked up 2 toys and threw them right at me.

I picked her up. Gave her a pat on the behind then took her into her room. We sat in the rocking chair. She was screaming (still, from the last 2 hours). I said in a normal tone "You know you don't throw things. You can hurt people." And right away after that I started reading her a book and making funny animal noises with her. It was a short discipline for an act that she did deliberately though she knew it was wrong. Then we immediately changed the subject and played and had fun. The discipline was over. I wasn't mad at her. I wanted her to know that she got a spanking for throwing intentionally. Once I made that point I moved on.

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