Thursday, November 15, 2012

28 things

I decided to make a list of 28 things to do before my next birthday (Sep 14) and here it is:

1. Get my Drivers License (That's right, I still don't have one)
2. Go to The Ledges in Boone, IA (Never been there!)
3. Make an Ice Cream Cake
4. Go to a movie on opening night.
5. Make a quilt.
6. Host a "Party" (ie 31, tupperware, clever container)
7. Make noodles from scratch.
8. Complete a 5k. (This will NOT be easy, as I consider 200m to be long distance)
9. Teach 2 people how to sew/craft. (Believe it or not, some people don't know how!)
10. Find/Choose a home church.
11. Complete a FaceBook Fast (maybe start with 24 hrs, and work up to a week?)
12. Make a pie from scratch.
13. Have a date night with dinner & a movie.
14. Make a board game.
15. Go through EVERY item of clothing in the house, and minimize.
16. Go one month spending only $50/wk on food & house supplies.
17. Create a picture collage for each year Mike & I have been together.
18. Go to a Zoo with the girls. (ANY Zoo)
19. Learn to crochet. (Hopefully it isn't as dangerous as knitting)
20. Make Butter! (And cheese if I get really crazy!)
21. Make a dress/skirt for each of the girls.
22. Participate in the 2013 Iowa Games.

:+:+: The last few are kind of vague, but I have attempted to quantify them, comparing to my current participation in each activity now, to my hopeful goals. :+:+:
(I will be tracking them on my FlyLady Calendar!)

23. Send more (snail) mail. -at least once a month.
24. Read more (not at the computer). -Once a week?
25. Exercise more. -Twice a week.
26. Journal/Blog more. -Once a week.
27. Spend time in spiritual devotion. -Twice a week.

And my favorite (Every mom will understand)...
28. Sleep in until... I wake up!

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